Yoder's Country Deli offers:

  • Fresh Cheeses & Deli-meats (some Hormone Free cheeses & some Nitrate Free Deli Meats)
  • Stoltzfus Hams - Featuring:  Natural juices - NO Water added, Natural Hardwood Smoked, NO Fillers, Gluten Free & NO MSG!
  • Lunch menu - Cold Sandwiches
  • Homemade Cheese Spreads
  • Jerky (Beef, Turkey & More!)
  • Fresh Farm Eggs....even some Cage Free!
  • Dairy products - Butter, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream & so much more!!!

Come sample our Delicious products!  

Yoder's Country Deli

​Step up to our deli counter for the freshest meats, cheeses & dairy products.  Choose from our vast assortment of delicious quality cheeses & meats.

We are pleased to serve Stoltzfus brand lunchmeats and cheese,along with other name brand products from Lancaster County , Pa.  - the heart of the Pennsylvania  Amish community! We also carry products from Holmes County, Ohio, one of our local Amish communities in Ohio!

Our Eggs are fresh brown eggs, offering 3 different brands with one of them being cage free!!  

We offer a wide variety of fresh deli-meats to choose from, cut the way you like & we offer meats cured naturally (Nitrate-Free), not loaded with fillers & additives.

Treat yourself to a deli sandwich made the way you like it........try a Reuben with our Coleslaw and Russian dressing!!  

P: ​330.550.6608